10 Frequently Asked Questions About Boot Camp

Here are the 10 Frequently Asked Questions About BUF Boot Camp.

Is there a trial period?

FOR A LIMITED TIME, all new members start with a free 2 week trial. During that 2 weeks you’ll have access to any class, morning or evening.

What are the class times?

Monday through Friday:

5:30 am

6:45 am

8:30 am

5:30 pm

6:30 pm

Saturday :

9 am

Can I come to any class?

Yes. Members can come to any class on any day. This is no minimum requirement or maximum limit.

What kind of exercises do you do?

You will get a nice mix of strength and cardio training that leans more toward the strength training. This is to ensure that you’re building muscle, which is a key component in weight loss and toning.

Strength training exercises are done with a standard barbell and include squats, bench press, shoulder press and deadlifts.

Exercises may just require body weight or any of the many pieces of equipment we have (dumbbells, medicine balls, suspension trainers, rowers, barbells).

Circuits vary from day to day.

Will I get help with my nutriton?

After your trial period, you’ll have access to meal plans as part of your regular membership.

What should I eat before boot camp?

Definitely something light. Nuts, Greek yogurt, a small serving of fruit . I never recommend these types of workouts on an empty stomach.

Working out on an empty stomach may give you that nauseous feeling, dizziness or both.

What if I can't do certain exercises?

Operating a boot camp for 3 years and dealing with people of all fitness levels has taught me to have modifications built in to the workouts.

Just about every exercise can be modified to be made easier or harder.

How long will the soreness last?

If it’s been a while, YOU WILL BE SORE! There’s no way around that and you shouldn’t let that stop you from coming back.

The soreness could last up to a week depending on how intense the workout was and how much sleep you’re getting.

I've tried boot camps in the past. How will this one be different?

This is definitely not a military style boot camp or anything extreme. The whole goal here is to make exercise fun, exciting, and engaging. All of that, while providing structure and accountability, which is what people come for.

Most workouts are formatted similar to cross fit workouts. There’s a pre-workout (warm-up), a core portion, a strength portion, and a conditioning portion. They all vary day to day.

You’re not forced to do anything you don’t want to do. No one is pushed to the point to where they’re about to vomit, and the variety in the workouts will keep you guessing.

How do I sign up?

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