Top 3 Mistakes with Trying to Lose Weight



It all starts with proper nutrition. Use this meal plan (grocery list included) to help you get started. 

Mistake #1 

Not eating enough throughout the day. For most people, it starts with breakfast. A cup of coffee is not breakfast. Start training yourself to eat throughout the day and give your body a chance to burn calories like it's designed to do.

Mistake #2

More workouts don't necessarily mean faster results. Your body needs time to recover. If you're new to exercise, start with just 3 workouts a week and concentrate on your nutrition.

Mistake #3

Your workouts suck! An hour on the treadmill followed by a few ab exercises is not going to get the job done. Start building lean muscle by adding resistance training to your routine. Still, don't forget to get plenty of sleep and get control of your nutrition.

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