• BUF Boot Camp Evening, Outdoor Sessions

    You Asked For It!

    Ladies working hard at 5:30 am

    Ladies working hard at 5:30 am

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     I am proud to announce that BUF Boot Camp will be holding evening, outdoor sessions beginning March 16th and ending June 6th. These 12 weeks will be split into two six-week fat loss challenges.  There will be 5 sessions held every week: Mon-Thurs @ 6 pm and Saturdays @ 9 am (because I know how it goes on Friday afternoon). 

        This will be a great opportunity to drop some pounds and inches before summer and to start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Plus….the winner of the Fat Loss Challenges will receive cash!

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    These evening clients will be regular BUF Boot Camp clients. That means they will meet with me one-on-one before beginning to discuss their goals, what they plan to achieve by participating in the boot camp, what obstacles stand in their way, their nutrition & current weight, measurements and body fat percentage. They will all be given a fitness profile and held accountable for their attendance and nutrition the same way I do with all of my clients. My goal is to get you to see the benefits of regular exercise and better nutrition while introducing you to exercises that you may have never performed using equipment you may have never used (kettle bells, suspension trainers, agility ladders, sandbells, dumbbells, heavy ropes, etc).

        The cost to participate for each 6-week challenge is $149 (Group 1 March 16th- April 25th & Group 2 April 27th- June 6th). You can be a part of both groups for $249. 

        Early sign up will save you $50. Sign up for Group 1 by March 1st and Group 2 by April 13th and pay only $99. Sign up for both groups by March 1st and pay only $199.



    The location the boot camp will be the field beside the Hickory Grove Rec Center located at 6709 Pence Rd. Now obviously, since we will be outdoors, we will have to deal with the elements (rain and wet grass). There will not be make up days for these as we already have 5 days planned. So, the more you come, the less of an affect these weather issues will have on your training. Wet grass will be  something we will have to work around, but rain…probably not.

          All equipment will be provided. All you will need is your own yoga mat, and of course, water.


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