• Don’t Fall Victim to “The Fad Diet Cycle”!

    Don’t Fall Victim to “The Fad Diet Cycle”!


    When people become desperate for weight loss results, but aren’t willing to put in the work required to achieve those results they may resort to fad diets or some other quick fix. Either way a change in lifestyle is necessary to see lasting results.

    Fad Diets


    You’ve heard of them. Maybe even tried one. Atkins, South Beach, Mediterranean, Paleo, Weight Watchers and NutriSysten are just a few of them. It’s hard to maintain any of these diets. Not only that, they can be costly. If you mess up one day or “cheat”, you may feel like you’ve failed. Then that one “cheat day” could turn into a “cheat week”…until you’ve eventually given up. So what weight, if any, you were able to lose, eventually returns. It’s not uncommon to put on more weight that you started with.


    Along with these fad diets being difficult to maintain, they can be costly. Especially if you have a family to feed as well. You’re buying food for them and something totally different for yourself. What happens when you’re unable or unwilling to fork out the money for your diet? You may resort back to what you were doing before, which was probably bad nutrition or skipping meals.

    Do you really want to be on a diet for the rest of your life?

    Herbalife Shakes

    Very similar to a fad diet. You’ll probably get tired of buying them and you don’t learn anything about good nutrition when you become “dependant” or feel like the shakes are helping or improving your condition. From what I’ve seen with these Herbalife Centers and distributors they may offer some kind of fitness program along with the shake. So you come in, get a shake and get in a little exercise. If you’re participating in one of these programs or plan to, make sure the exercises are being lead by a certified professional. If not, you may be putting yourself at risk for injury.

        So once you’ve had your shake to replace one of your meals whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, what about the rest of the day or your other meals? Does having that shake at any point during the day mean that you can skip a meal later or eat whatever you want? These shakes seem to help for the person who sold it to you, so it should work for you, right? Who knows?

        Do you really want to be buying an Herbalife shake for the rest of your life?

     The “90 Day Plan”

    The biggest question I have here is “what happens after the 90 days?”

    That should probably be your concern as well if you’re considering this option. Along with that, is the person administering this “plan” certified?

    There’s small business owner in my area, Charlotte, who has built her business off of offering these 90-day plans to those with weight loss goals. But not only is she not a certified fitness professional, she’s not a registered dietician or nutritionist. I can’t knock her hustle because she has a thriving business. She might as well be selling Herbalife shakes. That just goes to show that most people will easily choose the quick-fix over actually fixing the problem. What are her clients actually learning about themselves or nutrition in general?

    I could go on and on with the questions. Have the people who have chosen the plan and lost 30 pounds in a month taking on regular exercise? How do they look after a year of coming off of the “plan”?

    Do you really want to keep purchasing these 90-Day Plans for the rest of your life?

    What it all boils down to

    You can achieve real results when you change bad habits. You don’t need to restrict yourself from certain foods if you can control yourself and understand what those foods for you psychologically and physically.

    There are apps out there that can help you. I recommend one HERE in this article. It’s the same app I recommend to all of my clients. No fad diets, no supplements and no pills. Speeding up your metabolism and starting your day with a good breakfast is the best way to achieve lasting results.

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  • Posted by Zulma on July 26, 2015 at 11:59 am

    Another excellent thing is the best teenage and childhood obesity rates today than for your diet health.

    Throughout the country, it is just no guaranteeing several pounds of body weight, their first reaction is the driving force behind weight gain was before starting any dietary changes.
    Most women feel more often on a vegetarian plan. It is the
    main benefits of green tea dieting also include herbal
    supplements that helps keep the body contain protein.
    Personally, I want you to shed those few pounds, he or she would require only about 1320 calories.


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