• How You Can Stay Fit During the “Dog Days of Summer”

    How You Can Stay Fit During the “Dog Days of Summer”

     How You Can Stay Fit During the “Dog Days of Summer”



    When you think about the term “dog days of summer” you probably think it has something to do with it being really hot outside and being as lazy as  dog. It really has something to do with the constellation and the way Sirius, or the Dog Star, lines up with other stars and it only happens during the summer around July and August. How do you stay fit during the summer months with so many distractios? As a fitness professional I relate it to the time of the year when clients start to fall off.

    As a fitness professional I relate it to the time of the year when clients start to fall off.

    Wouldn’t you rather be on a beach?

    With so many options for entertainment, travel and nightlife during the summer it’s can be easy to skip out on a few workout sessions. Plus, you may have a vacation and a few road trips with the family lined up…who’s thinking about a workout. If you’re serious about achieving your goals, however, you may want to try some things to keep you on point during the summer.

    What can you do to stay fit during the summer?

    stay fit during summer with friends

    Invite and inspire friends to try a new regimen

    Here are a few ideas to consider during the summer months to adhere to your workout regimen:

    1. Hire a trainer. You’ll probably get a great deal this time of year as a lot of trainers tend to see their clientele drop off. Their always excited to sign up new clients during this time of the year and they’d likely offer you a package that would take you through the new year. Paying for your training up front is a great way to show commitment.
    2. Morning/Evening workout. Since the summer days are longer and hotter, try to schedule our workouts early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the sun. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to work on that tan.
    3. Bring a friend. You just might be what a friend needs to stay motivated during the summer as well. Heck, get a group of friends.
    4. Buy new exercise apparel. You’ll probably be shopping for new clothes for the season anyway. Another way to show commitment is to purchase new exercise apparel or running shoes along with that summer dress, shorts, or sandals.
    5. Get the kids involved. Since they’re out of school you can spend more time with them and stay in shape by planning outdoor activities. Activities, of course, that don’t involve a grill, hot dogs and hamburgers. Trips to the park and swimming pool are a couple of ideas. If you’ve already skipped a few workouts trying to keep up with the kids will remind you that you probably need to be exercising.
    6. Try something new. Have you ever considered joining a boot camp or trying out cross fit?

    Nutrition is the hardest part!

    summer nutrition

    Keep plenty of fruit on hand to avoid overdoing it at cookouts

    With cookouts, family reunions and nightlife options making bad meal choices can quickly destroy the gains you would see from exercise. Choose wisely during these functions, but have fun. Keep a ready supply of water and fruit to curve those cravings.

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