• Criteria to Find the Right Personal Trainer For You

    Criteria to Find the Right Personal Trainer For You

     How Do You Find the Right Personal Trainer For You?


    So you’ve been a little lazy over the last few years and let yourself go a little. Jeans and dresses don’t fit they way they used to and you’ve been buying clothes in a bigger size. Maybe you want to compete in a 5K and you don’t know how to prepare for one. Maybe having a little extra muscle mass is your goal and lifting weights isn’t something you have experience with. Qualify your trainer based on these criteria.

    You’re pretty sure you can’t do it alone because you’ve had several gym memberships over the last few years and didn’t attend regularly. You’re considering hiring a personal trainer. You need help, but how do you find the right personal trainer for YOU!

    the right trainer for you will assess your current strength

    You should expect to perform a strength assessment during your initial consultation.


    This is a big deal! You’re going to invest in yourself. This could cost you as much as a car payment…depending on who you hire. How do you know if you’re going to get what you pay for. One thing you should always keep in mind is that a trainer is merely there to provide structure to guide you to your goals. The real work must be done by you. Depending on whether you’re considering group training,  a boot camp or one-on-one you will only see your trainer up to five hours a week. That leaves a lot of time for you to possible ruin that hard work.

    How do you tell if the trainer will be right for you?

    Any good fitness professional will tell you that it’s not necessarily about the workouts, but more so what you do outside of the workout. With that being said, how do you know if you’re hiring the right trainer? You may ask friends, family and/or coworkers. You might hire a trainer at a nearby gym. You may do a Google search. Regardless of where or how you come across your potential trainer there are some things that this trainer should be doing to ensure you that you’re in good hands. It all begins with the consultation.

    3 Biggest Criteria

    • Goal Setting – the trainer has taken the time during your first meeting to properly assess your obstacles and goals. From there you both can determine how you’re going to achieve those goals. You may not want a trainer who specializes in body building trying to sell you on how he/she can help you prepare for a 5K.

    • Current Fitness Level – your trainer will assess your current weight, girth measurements and body fat percentage. Along with that, they’ll want to know your current strength and cardio-respiratory capacity. Depending on your goals the trainer may go as far as to assess your posture and deviations during simple movements.

    • Accountability and Engagement – during your first meeting you’ll set up a schedule for your regular sessions, but you should also get an idea of the trainer’s accountability system. In other words, how do they plan to keep you on track outside of your regular sessions? What forms of communication will there be: call, text, email or social media engagement? Will he/she be keeping tabs on your food diary? Will you be prescribed additional workouts?


    You and the right trainer

    You and the right trainer

    There may be more criteria you may want to consider, but these are among the most important. Of course personality will play a big part. It never hurts to just try someone out for few weeks or a month to see if you’ll be a good fit before fully committing. Most fitness professionals, like myself, will make you a low cost low commitment offer. This works for you as well as the trainer. 

    You will be assessing each other. You want to feel like you’re with the right personal trainer and the trainer will want to know that you’re actually ready to make some changes. No trainer wants to spend their time with a client who is not bought in on the accountability aspect (additional workouts and food diary). The trainer ultimately hopes that you will work hard, get great results, and refer others.

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