• Do Wraps Really Work? Try Something That Really Does Work

    Do Wraps Really Work? Try Something That Really Does Work

    When Are People Going to Discover….

    That wraps don’t work and you’re actually going to have to exercise if you want to change the way you look? As a fitness professional I hear it all and a lot of times hiring someone like me is a last resort.

    I get it. Most people will look for the quick fix. Especially if it means they don’t have to sweat or can keep eating crap. They’re afraid to confront the real issue. The real issue most of the time is: you’re out of shape and should consider more exercise and better nutrition. Those are the two things we know that work for sure. It’s been proven. This whole wrap thing is just a fad. An unproven, ridiculous one at that.

    Get real results with exercise and proper diet

    Exercise and diet should be considered before each of these options

    So, if you’re one of those who was selling this product, and selling a dream right along with it, I hope you put some money away or are at least looking for your next “get rich quick scheme”.

    Do wraps really work?

    No, they don’t. If you have to ask that question you already have it in your mind that you don’t want to do what you really should be doing. I truly don’t want to come off as upset or bitter, but I honestly feel bad for both parties. The people who sell this stuff and their customers. The sellers because they’re actually having to sell a product like this to pay their bills. This should just be a temporary thing for you while you look for a real job.

    Do wraps really work like this?

    Don’t believe the hype. If a piece of plastic could do this Walmart would be sold out.

    For the customer because by the time they visit and enlist the services of a fitness professional, like myself, they’re mind is destroyed by the thought of getting quick results. These are also the people, a lot of times, that think that showing up to the gym and going through the motions is enough. These are also the people that have a hard time with changing their nutrition habits, which depending on how bad these habits are, can make it pointless to be at the gym “going through the motions”.

    I try to make it easy for even these kind of clients. My program, BUF Boot Camp, gives them¬†plenty of time to make adjustments and I actually hold their hand through much of the process. They’ve been sold on a dream so now I have to get real with them.


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