• The Advantages of Joining an Indoor Boot Camp

    The Advantages of Joining an Indoor Boot Camp

    The Advantages of Joining an Indoor Boot Camp

    BUF Boot Camp wasn’t always an indoor boot camp. There was a period of about 3 weeks during the first 2 months that I had to hold sessions outdoors while I could find a suitable location. If you’re thinking about joining a boot camp there are some things you’ll want to consider. (WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW)

    Dealing with the Elements

    My boot campers (clients) don’t like the elements. It could be a perfect day outside and they’d easily find something to complain about. Sometimes it’s legitimate, but bugs? “We’re outside!” is what I have to say to them.

    It’s no fun, either, to have to cancel sessions because of the rain. One rainy day, depending on how much we get, could leave the ground too wet for the next day. So instead on one missed session we’d have two.

    Depending on the time of the year…the weather. I once held my 5:30 am boot camp outdoors in March. It would be so cold some morning that I, myself, would want to cancel the session. Evening boot camps during the summer, in the south, definitely a no go.

    The advantages of an indoor boot camp

    The advantages of an indoor boot camp

    A Climate Controlled Environment

    Not only am I not in a climate controlled environment, but it’s extremely comfortable. Not many boot camps in the have the luxury of being able to operate in a gymnastics facility. So, on top of the space we have, there’s a soft foam floor.

    The floor definitely benefits those with knee problems and it will reduce the impact on joints. Ab exercises can be done pretty much anywhere. If someone were to fall on it they would be protected by the foam and springs that lie underneath.

    For me, being able to house my equipment in one place is key. An outdoor boot camp requires me to haul and carry lots of equipment, which makes me not want to do it at all.

    At the drop of a hat I could switch up a circuit, exercise or routine because I have everything I need to do so. With an outdoor boot camp, that’s not happening. I would be very limited.

    Little things, like plumbing, make a big difference when looking the advantages of joining an indoor boot camp.


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