• AMRAP Boot Camp Workout (as many rounds as possible)

    AMRAP Boot Camp Workout (as many rounds as possible)

    The AMRAP boot camp workout is one of our core circuits, or a circuit we do pretty much every week. Usually done on Wednesdays, this circuit allows individuals to challenge themselves as they perform exercises at their own pace.

    While most circuits don’t require boot campers to count reps, this one does. There are 4 exercises with a set rep scheme. The boot campers perform each exercise for the prescribes number of reps and moves to the next.

    This is perfect for a group of people with ranging fitness levels. In addition, people that need more attention can get it while others who have a good grasp can complete as many rounds as possible.

    Let’s look at an example. Since I want to incorporate all human movements (push, pull, squat, lunge, rotation)into our workouts I may have the first round of exercises look like this:

    So, in 12 minutes boot campers will perform these exercises at their own pace. I try to establish an exercise order to make things flow, but some people always seem to go to which ever exercise they want to. This isn’t a big deal unless you have a larger group. As long as their getting the most out of it I don’t really care about the order.

    The next round may look like this:

    • 20 Forward Lunges
    • 1 Complete Suicides Set
    • 80 Jump Rope
    • 20 Sit ups

    You can do workouts similar to these on your own. These are popular with cross fit. Depending on the complexity of exercises you do and amount of resistance you have, you may only need 3 exercises. You can add more exercises, more exercises or less of each.

    For example, one of my own recent AMRAP workouts consisted of 10 pull-ups, 8 push press (cross fit movement), 10 box jumps. Twelve minutes of that was all I needed. My warm-up lasted longer than the actual workout. That’s how it is sometimes.

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