• What’s the Best Free App for Nutrition Help?

    What’s the Best Free App for Nutrition Help?

    It’s no secret. Everyone knows that nutrition is the biggest factor when it comes to…pretty much every aspect of your health. Of course there’s exercises and genetics, but in most cases whatever’s hindering you can be overcome with good eating habits. If you struggle with your nutrition whether it be taking in the right calories or skipping meals, there are free apps that can help you.

    What’s the best free app for nutrition help?

    In my opinion, because it gives me everything  I need to stay connected with my clients, the best free app for nutrition help is MyFitnessPal. It’s pretty straight forward and does everything you would want a nutritionist to help you with. I guess that means you don’t have to pay a nutritionist (sorry, all you nutritionists out there).


    Goal Setting

    Once you get through the initial goal setting, MyFitnessPal is pretty straightforward when it comes to navigating. The goal setting is something I usually help my clients with this during our first one-on-one to ensure optimal results. I even put the goal setting process in a video to help them with it.


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    From there it’s all about being honest with yourself. If you really want to drill down to your biggest nutrition issues (in most cases it’s skipping meals) you have to log everything you consume. From solids to liquids, meals and snacks. Everything must be logged for it to be worth your time. I can’t forget about the reminders you can set to make sure you’re logging your meals. If you have a problems with not eating these reminders can serve as your dinner call.

    Even as you’re logging your meals the app will let you know how you stand with your daily goals with it comes to your macro-nutrient (carbs, fats, and proteins) and micro nutrients.

    Biggest Takeaway

    My favorite tool in this free app is the nutrition chart that allows you to see how your macros break down. If you’re planning as much as possible and making good decisions throughout the day you should have no problem meeting your goal.

    best free app for nutrition guidanc

    MyFitnessPal breaks down your micros in a nice pretty chart

    It’s one thing to just log your meals or make sure you’re staying under your caloric goal, but it’s another to make sure you’re taking in the right calories. I try to encourage my clients to prep their meals as much as possible or log them in MyFitnessPal before they eat. This will allow them to see what kind of calories they’re taking in. MyFitnessPal is the best free app for help with your nutrition.

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