• Boot Camp is for Men Also

    Boot Camp is for Men Also

    Boot Camp is for Men Also


    Boot for men with man boobs and dad bod

    Boot for men with man boobs and dad bod

    It’s mostly women that join boot camps. Mostly because women enjoy the camaraderie and feeling like they’re not in it alone. It also helps when they see others, with similar body types, challenging themselves the same way they want to. Oh yeah, and women don’t mind getting a little help.

    So why aren’t men joining boot camps? There are a few theories surrounding this phenomenon. Let’s examine them.

    1.  Men don’t like to get help with something they feel like they should know how to do. Proper lifting is one of those things. Some men go into the gym with no regard for form and technique at all and try to lift the biggest weights, thinking that this will yield best results.

    What really ends up happening is they don’t get the results due to lack of technique or they injure themselves. In either situation they discontinue their workouts.

    2.  Men don’t like to be outdone by women.  I’ve been running a boot camp for nearly 2 years now and there have been nearly 10 men come try it out. Of those men, only 3 of them made it through the  entire workout. These men would come in thinking that, “If these women can do it, so can I!”

    They fail to realize that a lot of those women have been coming to my boot camp for a while and are in pretty good shape. I emphasize to everyone, man or woman, on their first day how important it is to rest when needed and not to try to keep up. There’s no shame in taking breaks.

    Boot for men with man boobs and dad bod

    Boot for men with man boobs and dad bod

    3. Men think that getting in shape involves lifting heavy objects. Toning up and getting rid of those man boobs involves more that lifting heavy weights. Try an entire workout that uses your own body weight, strictly, as the resistance. If you can’t do this, why do you need weights?

    The weights I use in my boot camp aren’t nearly as heavy as those you might see at a gym. It’s how I use the weights that make the workouts challenging. I don’t even need weights to challenge my boot campers. Just recently I’ve come up with new circuits that have shortened our sessions and require less equipment.

    Boot Camp is for Men Also

    A lot of boot camps cater solely to women. I want guys out there to know that BUF Boot Camp welcomes men. I want to help those guys that will admit that they need help, don’t mind taking some instruction, and don’t mind being challenged by women.

    You will get to where you want to be, but like I tell all of my clients, it won’t happen overnight.

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