• How to Deal With Soreness After Exercise

    How to Deal With Soreness After Exercise

    How to Deal With Soreness After Exercise

    It’s call delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and it happens to everyone. Even I, someone who works out quite frequently, experience this. Over the years, however, I’ve learned to embrace it. I’ve had to learn how to deal with soreness after exercise

    I get the question all the time from new clients after their first day of boot camp. “What can I do about the soreness?”

    “Nothing,” I tell them.

    There’s honestly nothing you can do about it. Unless you’re willing to invest in those supplements that bodybuilders and gym rats take, but that doesn’t prevent the soreness. It just reduces it.

    Depending on the intensity of the workout, genetics and your sleep patterns the soreness could last a full week. YIKES!

    Soreness after exercise

    If it’s been a while you can expect to be a little sore after exercise

    How about a massage?

    Nope. Do you really want someone touching you? You can’t even sit down and you want someone applying force those muscles?

    What about stretching?

    Yeah right! That just makes the pain worse. You can barely use the muscles to function and get through every day life, and you think you’re going to want to stretch them out?

    Ease Into the Exercises

    If you know it’s been a while and you’re probably going to be a little sore after exercise you may want to ease into. What I mean by that is taking it easy on your first day back so that the soreness isn’t so bad. There are different levels to the soreness. The more intense the exercise, the more intense the muscle soreness.

    If you’re into lifting weights and it’s been a while, go very light. If you’re already a light lifter, go with body weight. There’s no shame in easing back into it.

    Separate Days for Large Muscle Groups

    soreness after exercise

    CJ Williams Leg Day

    You may not want “leg day” to include your chest. Why have an entire body that sore when it could just be your legs?

    Sleep is the Best Way to Deal With Muscle Soreness After Exercise

    I’m not into supplements…never have been. What I’ve found that works with soreness is sleep. I still get sore, but sleep helps to bring it on faster and help it go away sooner.

    During sleep is when the growth hormone is released and your body is working on rebuilding torn tissue, which is what the soreness is. If you’ve been consuming enough protein those muscles should be slightly stronger than before once the soreness has left.

    Most Importantly

    Don’t let the soreness stop you from achieving your fitness goals. Keep Going!

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