• Exercises That Strengthen and Tone Your Abs

    Exercises That Strengthen and Tone Your Abs

    I’ve put together a short video of exercises for your abs. This is a major area of concern for most of my clients, so it’s safe to assume that there are many more people with these concerns.

    Exercises That Strengthen and Tone Your Abs,  But Not Flatten

    YOU MUST keep in mind, however, that these exercises merely strengthen and tone your abs. They won’t help you burn the huge amounts of calories, depending on your current situation, necessary to get the look that you want. The questions you have to ask yourself, “Am I doing the work in the kitchen as well?” And, “Am I eating breakfast everyday?’

    Put a plan together

    I recommend incorporating and ab routine as part of your workouts at least 3 days  a week. I’ve demonstrated 10 exercises in the video, so pick at least 3 to perform. Lastly, try to perform 3 sets of each exercise that you choose. You can either time them or count reps.

    Be sure to comment below with any questions. And of course, be sure to like, share, and retweet. Thank you.

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