• Fitness Boot Camp Games Make Workouts Enjoyable

    Fitness Boot Camp Games Make Workouts Enjoyable

    Why can’t a fitness boot camp include some games to make it fun? A boot camp or group fitness program has to be able to offer more than high intensity interval training to it’s members to keep them engaged.

    Since I am in the business of making adults feel young again I like to offer up a change of pace from our typical warm-up of jump rope, squats and push-ups. Who wants to do that every morning? With that, I realize most of my clients have negative opinions about exercise and as a trainer it’s my job to help make this a positive experience.



    Watch the EXCITEMENT HERE!

    This is the ball game. It’s simple. Three small teams of boot campers race the middle of the floor to collect balls of various sizes and weights. The weights also determine the point value. Once all of the balls are collected they must race to collect the balls from the other team. Watch the boot camp game below.

    This game, not sure what the name of it is, but also fun. Requires a little cooperation from each participant, as well as a little concentration. Played with basic PVC pipes. Simply follow the instructions of the coach and don’t let a PVC pipe hit the floor!

    Fitness boot camp games produce smiles

    and encourage relationships with new people. Even at 5:30 am. I like to look at my boot camp as not only a fitness program, but as a social hub as well. My members become friends and acquaintances both inside and outside of our sessions. So, they’re not only jump- starting they’re day and getting ahead of the game with a great workout, but they’re having fun and making friends in the process

    So, ask yourself…

    when is the last time you were involved in a fitness program like this? When is the first time? If your workout involves a treadmill and a few other machines at your local gym I challenge you to mix things up. There are people in your area just like you who would love to meet and train with you!


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