• Fitness Program For Moms and Those Who Work From Home

    Fitness Program For Moms and Those Who Work From Home

    I’ll be starting my 8:30 am boot camp sessions back up in November. This time it will fare better 8 am session to attract more people that work from home, moms and third shift workers such as nurses. What makes this the ideal fitness program for moms and those who work from home is the fact that all fitness levels are welcome. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never exercised a day in your life or if you’re preparing for a mud run or Spartan Race.

    Perfect Fitness Program for Moms

    Seeing as how 95% of my boot campers are women who seek out the motivation and accountability that comes with working with a trainer without the cost of a personal trainer, my boot camp is perfect for moms. Adding the 8:30 am will make it possible for the stay-at-home moms to first of all, start toning their bodies, and second, socialize.

    I’m not a mom, but from what I hear everyday it’s very demanding. It could be worse if you’re not fit enough to keep it up with the demanding lifestyle.

    And don’t worry, Mom. You won’t be expected to come in here and be a superstar. We’ll work up to that.

     Ideal for nurses

    fitness for nurses and those who work from home

    Being a nurse can be very demading

    Most of my clientele from my previous run of the 8:30 am session was made up of those in health and medical fields (nurses, CNA’s).  I hope to continue to attract them along with those that work from home. I’ve had a few nurses come to me with a goal of being able to “practice what they preach” to their patients.  It’s hard to encourage their patients to exercise and eat better if they’re not doing it themselves.

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    Depending on the setting, nurses may be required to be very active on the job. Having to be on their feet, bending lifting, pushing, pulling and twisting to assist both doctors and patients are all requirements of the job. It wouldn’t hurt to be able to perform those movements more efficiently and without the feeling of exhaustion afterwards.

    Ideal for those who work from home

    fitness for those who work from home

    Don’t get lazy while working from home

    This is a growing segment in the workforce. While it comes with many advantages there are also some disadvantages. The advantages are obvious: not having to commute to or from the office, not having to deal with office politics and the list goes on. The disadvantages may include the propensity to become a little lazy due to the fact that you’e not leaving the house as much. If you have the advantage of being able to make your own schedule why not schedule a workout in there?

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    No matter the occupation

    There’s always going to be an certain level of stress that comes with every job. While, in some cases, there’s nothing we can do to change whatever it is that’s causing the stress, we can however, change the way we react and cope with the stress. Training your body to be able to deal with physical activity and an elevated heart rate is best done through regular exercise. To some people, going to work is like going to war. Who want to go to war armed with nothing but a knife?

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