• Full-Body Medicine Ball Workout for Weight Loss

    Full-Body Medicine Ball Workout for Weight Loss

    How About a Full-Body Medicine Ball Workout?

    You may not find these type of medicine balls at most gyms. Maybe you do and haven’t paid them much attention. Could that be because you haven’t the slightest clue on what to do with them. Well worry no more! How about a full-body medicine ball workout for weight loss? Clients of my boot camp enjoy using these.

    Though these medicine balls can be expensive they are a great way to invest in your fitness. If you have one available you’ll definitely want to start using it. These are a few exercises that may help. If you have a weight loss goal, this full-body medicine ball workout will definitely add variety to your current regimen.

    Start Your Full Body Medicine Ball Workout

    Wall Ball Shots: Stand no further than 2 feet from a wall with your fit a little more than shoulder width apart. Holding the ball in front of your face drop down into a deep squat. As you explode upward from the squat push the ball up against the wall as high as you can in a way that will have the ball land back in your hands. Catch the ball with your hands underneath and in front of your face. 

    Wall Ball Shots

    Wall Ball Shots

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