• Meal Prep Saves You Time, Money and Calories

    Meal Prep Saves You Time, Money and Calories

    The problem of most of 90 percent of my clients is their unfavorable nutrition habits. Most people see others who are overweight and assume they have a problem with controlling their portions. The real problem, more often than not, is they don’t eat enough. I have to constantly remind them that good meal prep saves you time, money and calories.

    When I say they don’t eat enough I mean they don’t eat well balanced meals throughout the day. It’s common knowledge by now that people who eat breakfast everyday are better able to control their weight. You can read about that HERE. If you have a good lunch planned, and NOT A SALAD, dinner won’t have to be so heavy and you may even have energy to get to your evening workout.

    Why I tell My clients to avoid salads

    Why I tell My clients to avoid salads

    How Meal Prepping Helps

    A lot of people let work get in the way of them taking care of their basic human needs, such as eating. They barely eat a breakfast because they’re in such a rush. They barely make time for lunch because their job is just that important. I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible. No job is so important to where you can’t take a break to eat and refuel.

    When, or if, you can take a break you may resort to what’s convenient. A salad or a nearby restaurant with lunch specials. Now you’re having to settle. With that comes spending more money on something you probably shouldn’t be eating. Whereas if you’d had something prepped and planned you wouldn’t have even had to leave the office.

    Meal Prep Ideas

    You don’t even have to prep for the whole week. Start by planning for 3 days out.

    Go shopping

    Be sure to get your favorite protein sources: chicken, fish, turkey, greek yogurt. Nuts are always good for snacks. Grains such as brown rice and quinoa for healthy carbohydrates. Potatoes and, of course, a good variety of vegetables will also help. Don’t forget fruit.

    Spending more of your food budget on groceries will also help with the issue of eating out. The more you spend on groceries, the less you’ll have in the budget to eat out.

    meal prep

    Spend more of your food budget on groceries


    Be sure to have storage containers for your cooked food.


    Most people complain that they would get bored eating the same stuff everyday. Having a variety of things will allow you to make substitutions. For veggies you can alternate for each day or meal.

    If you’ve baking several pieces of chicken try to season them differently. Brown rice and quinoa can be stored for up to 5 days so you’ll want to have enough of this.

    What about breakfast?

    There are a ton of recipes out there for high-protein muffins or pancakes. Make a batch of each and freeze them until you’re ready to eat them. Try boiling a dozen eggs to have for later as well.

    Don’t make it harder than it has to be

    Investing a couple of hours on your day off will benefit you in the long run. Prepping your meals will eliminate the need to rush, skip meals, spend hard-earned money, and you’ll eat better.

    People tend to make nutrition for weight loss harder than it has to be.  A lot of it comes down to speeding up your metabolism by eating more throughout the day and building and maintaining muscle.


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