• You Must Do Your Part Before You Complain To Your Trainer

    You Must Do Your Part Before You Complain To Your Trainer

    Trust me, your personal trainer loves you. At the same time, however, there are complaints that we get tired of.


    Depending on what the complaints are, you get used to it. Complaints about being tired or the burning sensation get old, but they’re tolerable. I just simply ignore them. “You’re here for a reason”, is what I tell them.

    You have to the your part
    There are 3 components to achieving your fitness goal

    I’m sure every fitness professional or personal trainer in the world will agree with me on this. Stop complaining about not dropping weight or being “fat” if you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do outside of our sessions.

    I run a boot camp so my clients have the opportunity to see me up to 5 days a week, early in the morning, before work. They pay a monthly fee to train with me so they can come as much as they want and to any of my sessions. The way I see it, there are 3 parts to it:

    • Showing up
    • Doing the work

    You have to do your part!

    You can only complain if you’re doing all 3 of these consistently and not seeing results. And if you’re doing these consistently you will have nothing to complain about because the results will come. These three components are the difference between getting results and not getting results. If all of my clients come 4 days a week and do the same exercises, why is it that only a few of them see the best results. I’m not one for recommending fad diets or meal plans.The difference is what and how they eat. It’s as simple as that.

    I love my clients…even the difficult ones

    You and the right trainer

    You and the right trainer

    As a trainer I want nothing but the best for my clients. That means awesome results. My business grows when they see awesome results and tell their friends and family. Therefore, it’s in my best interest to see that they’re getting results. There’s one thing I can’t do for them…and that’s prepare their food and make sure they’re not skipping meals…like breakfast. Be sure to read my post on why eating breakfast is important.

    So if you have a trainer or thinking about hiring one you’ll have to understand some things about how fitness works. First though, refer to my post about criteria that a trainer must meet for you to consider hiring them. Your trainer is simply there to motivate you and provide some structure for you. YOU will have to do the work and it can be done. YOU can do it. I have to remind my clients that all the time. I don’t mind having heart-to-heart or “come to Jesus” meeting with my clients. We’re adults!

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