• New HIIT Circuit at Boot Camp

    New HIIT Circuit at Boot Camp

    New HIIT Circuit at Boot Camp

    When I pulled it out it shocked everyone. They were expecting our usual 4×3 circuit, but I gave them something different. Some of them thought I was angry about something. I needed a new HIIT (high intensity interval training) circuit at boot camp.

    I wasn’t angry. I had noticed that long time boot campers weren’t being challenged the way they were when they first started. They could predict what circuits we were going to do and it was becoming boring and mundane. I needed to get them excited about our workouts again.

    Fitness boot camp games offer a change of pace

    I love to put a smile on clients’ faces early in the morning!

    If there’s any group of people I want satisfy it’s the people that have been with me the longest. Thus, I introduced a new format to them.

    The old 4 x 3

    The old 4 x 3, usually done on Mondays, consisted of a circuit of 4 exercises performed for 45 sec with a 15 sec transition/rest period. During the 15 sec everyone will move to the next exercise. Each exercise is performed 3 times. The first circuit is followed up by a second circuit with 4 different exercises.

    For example:

    1st circuit – Russian twist, dumbbell press, high knees, and air squats

    2nd circuit – dumbbell row, jump rope, burpees, and lunges.

    The circuits are programmed with strength and cardio exercises that challenge each of the 5 basic human movements: push, pull, lunge, squat and rotation. This is done so that all major muscle groups are challenged during the session.

    The new HIIT circuit at boot camp

    It’s more like a 4 x 3 x 3. There are 4 stations. Each station will have 3 exercises performed 3 times. For this circuit, however, everyone will stay at the same station until all 3 rounds are done. The first time through the exercises, each one is performed for 45 sec with a 15 sec rest. This gives me enough time to reiterate the movements and order of the exercises.

    The second and third time through things get a little hairy. The time performing the exercises is reduced to 30 sec, but the rest period is taken away. The next 2 rounds are performed straight through with no rest.

    I don’t expect everyone to do everything nonstop, but I do expect them to try.

    For example, one station may be dumbbells. At this station they would perform thrusters, overhead lunges and frogger planks 3 times. WATCH DUMBBELL VIDEO!

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