• A Solution to the Shower Issue at Boot Camp

    A Solution to the Shower Issue at Boot Camp

    A Solution to the Shower Issue at Boot Camp

    So, I don’t know how people may feel about this, but I think it’s a great idea. I have found a solution to the shower issue at boot camp. This issue? There is no shower at the facility for people who want to come enjoy a nice, challenging workout before work.

    I can’t tell you the amount of people I’ve talked to over the last year that have asked me if there’s a shower at the facility. I’ve lost a lot of potential clients because I don’t have a shower.

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    So, what’s the solution to the shower issue?

    The solution, Planet Fitness. I’m not recommending you go workout there over my boot camp. There’s no comparison. What if, though, you had a membership at the Planet Fitness closest to my boot camp. It’s less than five minutes away and memberships are just $10 a month.

    A Solution to the Shower Issue at Boot Camp

    Use the shower at Planet Fitness for just $10 a month

    If you left boot camp to take a shower at Planet Fitness you can easily make it to work on time. Clean and fresh. Ready to take on the world.

    There’s nothing wrong with this

    What are they going to say, at Planet Fitness. Just go there and get a membership. They don’t have to know that you’ll only be there to take a shower. They don’t have to know that your workout is way more intense and motivating than anything they can provide at Planet Fitness

    As you know, Planet Fitness maintain all of it’s facilities, so you won’t have an issue with cleanliness. There’s even an iron in the locker room so you can iron your clothes for work. Plenty of people start their days there. And depending of the type of membership you get, you may even want to help yourself to a nice massage on the chairs. Just a thought.


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