• Wanting to Lose Weight Versus Ready to Lose Weight

    Wanting to Lose Weight Versus Ready to Lose Weight

    Wanting to Lose Weight Versus Ready to Lose Weight and What’s the Difference?

    As a fitness professional who operates a boot camp I encounter lots of different people with different goals. With those different goals come different obstacles. Those obstacles come in many forms. Of course there’s nutrition, there’s prior experience, and there’s prior and/or current injuries. The biggest one, however, is the person’s readiness to make a change. It’s about wanting to lose weight versus ready to lose weight.


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    Wanting to Lose weight versus being ready to lose weight

    There are four things you have to know that will help you determine if you’re ready

    Wanting to Lose Weight

    You can ask most women and they’ll tell you they would like to lose weight. It’s funny to me every time I hear someone say something like, “I just want to lose weight in my thighs.” That’s funny because as a fitness professional I know it’s impossible to target areas for fat loss. Back to the subject.

    These people may have an ideal image of themselves in their mind, but don’t really make it a priority. These ideas may come from places within their social circle or what they see in pop culture. To them, wanting to lose weight, is a fad. Even if they really need it, it’s not that important to them.

    Being Ready to Lose Weight

    While there are different levels to this category, this group tends to take the whole weight loss thing a little more seriously. They may get their cues from recent life events such as a “bad” doctor’s visit, discussions with a spouse or loved one, or have recently faced a daunting physical challenge (going up a flight of stairs  or having to walk around a theme park for hours).

    Which one are you?

    Actively getting involved in a fitness program whether it be DVD’s at home, a gym membership or hiring trainer is a clear indication that you want to lose weight or get in shape. Your consistency will determine how ready you are. How long can you keep this up? Along with the consistency there are four things you must determine and be sure of:

    1. What is your goal? Is it a size? Is it a number on the scale? Is it performance related (wanting to be able to do a certain amount of pushups)? Is it health related (wanting to reduce blood pressure medication)?
    2. Why do you have this goal? Is motivation coming from within or from external sources?
    3. What will achieving this goal improve in your life?
    4. Are you willing to give up foods and beverages that you love? You should start logging your meals with a free app to see where your opportunities are.
    want to lose weight versus ready to lose weight

    The hardest part is giving up the foods you love

    What’s the Difference?

    You come to find the difference between the two groups when they’re actually faced with the opportunity to make a change. Those who are ready to lose weight will be willing to work for it. They are willing to face and overcome those nutrition challenges as well as accepting the the fact that losing weight requires a change in one’s lifestyle.


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    As a boot camp owner I encounter both groups. One of the reasons I have a low barrier offer for new clients is so people can come in and sort of assess their own readiness. Everyone’s excited about starting a boot camp in the beginning. After that second week, things change. That’s when reality sets in. Those who are ready, will step up to challenge. Those who just “want it” will fall off and I won’t see them after a couple of weeks. No hard feelings. I want to focus on those who are ready.

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