• 3 Stretches That Will Make “Leg Day” Easier

    3 Stretches That Will Make “Leg Day” Easier

    3 Stretches That Will Make “Leg Day” Easier

    Most people dread “leg day” at the gym. This is mostly due to the soreness that they feel the day after. When done more frequently, however, the soreness can be eliminated from the equation. Simply put, you need to do squats more than once a week.

    I mention squats because this is the most prevalent “leg day” exercise. If I had to guess why people don’t perform squats more often I’d say it’s because they don’t feel confident with their squats.

    The key to a good squat is depth and being able to break parallel. This means the thighs are no longer parallel to the floor and your hips are lower than your knees.

    A deeper squat activates more of your glutes (butt) making the squat much more effective.

    3 stretches that will make "leg day" easier

    Get the most out of your squats and break parallel


    So, here are 3 stretches that will make “leg day” easier for you to break parallel and get the most out of your squats. This takes time. I’d give it a month of doing these stretches before every workout (even on non “leg day” days) before you start to see and feel a big difference.

    Hip Flexor Stretch

    3 stretches that will make "leg day" easier

    Hip Flexor Stretch

    Probably the most painful of the three, depending on your flexibility, begin on one knee and make sure as you perform the movement that your front knee doesn’t flex out further than your front toe.

    While driving your hips toward your front heel lean backwards pushing your shoulders backwards toward your rear heel. You should feel the stretch in your groin area.

    Glute Stretch

    3 stretches that will make "leg day" easier

    Glute (butt) stretch

    A little tricky getting into position for this one. From the picture above you can see that the outside of my left leg is flat on the floor and my right leg is extended behind me. I then begin to adjust my body weight to get the best possible stretch. With the left leg in front you will feel the stretch in your left glute.

    Calf Stretch

    3 stretches that will make "leg day" easier

    Calf Stretch

    Probably won’t be as significant as the other two stretches, but it wouldn’t hurt do it. While this stretch is aimed at calves it will also stretch those hamstrings…and who doesn’t like a good hamstring stretch?

    This one is simple. While on one knee extend the other leg out to where the heel is on the floor. Reach out with the hand on the same side and grab as much of your foot as possible. You should feel the stretch in your hamstrings.

    Now, pull your toes toward your body to fell the stretch in your calf muscle.

    Be sure to share this with your gym buddies and/or someone you know who dreads “leg day”. Also, feel free to leave comments below.

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