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    Boxing for Stress Relief at Boot Camp

    Boxing for Stress Relief at Boot Camp

    Friday is easily the favorite day at boot camp for many boot campers. On Fridays there are very few strength training exercises and lots of cardio. What better way to end the work week than to enjoy some boxing for stress relief at boot camp?

    You really don’t even have to know what you’re doing to have fun on boxing day. Sometimes you just want to hit something.

    What are they hitting?

    Boxing Day at BUF Boot Camp

    hitting the heavy bags at boot camp

    Heavy Bag: We have 70 pound heavy bags that require you know what you’re doing when you hit them. The thing about them is they swing a little. Depending on your level of experience, hitting the bag when it’s swinging towards you will make it more challenging. I advice all newbies to avoid hitting it while it’s swinging towards them and try to avoid making the bag spin and swing too much. Most of all, though, I want them to hit it like they mean it!

    Uppercut Bag: These bags look like old dufflebags, but they weigh 50 pounds and can take a pounding. On these bags boot campers learn how to throw one of the most underused and underrated punches in boxing…the uppercut. When done correctly the uppercut requires you to use your lower body, core and obviously your arms to strike the bag with good force and get a great workout.

    hitting the freestanding bag at boot camp

    hitting the freestanding bag at boot camp

    Freestanding Bag: These bags offer a great change of pace to boxing day. Can you hit a moving target? Can you stick and move? This bag can be placed anywhere, as opposed to the heavy bag and uppercut bags, and allows you to move around it, tackle it, kick it and knee it. These are great for a kickboxing routine.

    Boxing for stress relief at boot camp

    experienced and non-experienced will enjoy boxing day

    Along with these bags, being in a gymnastics facility allows us to use other mats and pads for punching and kicking.

    So, whether you’re experienced or inexperienced with boxing you’re sure to have fun, get a great workout and relieve some of that work week stress.

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