• Guarantee on Results or Your Next Month is Free

    Guarantee on Results or Your Next Month is Free

    Guarantee on Results or Your Next Month is Free

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    The biggest fear that most people have when considering hiring a trainer is the fear of not getting results. As someone who has trained over 100 people over the last couple of years I realize that. There are two big objections when it comes to becoming a paying member of my boot camp. Price and time.

    When it comes to price, it’s either they can’t afford it or aren’t willing to pay for it. I want to make it easier for them by offering a guarantee on results. I’m even giving them a trial month for $30 to get a head start.

    Guarantee of results

    A “good” problem. Having to buy new clothes in smaller sizes.

    A “good” problem?

    A ‘bad’ problem is not being able to fit your clothes and having to buy new clothes in bigger sizes as the seasons change. A ‘good’ problem is having to buy new clothes in smaller sizes. That’s the problem I want my boot campers to have.

    If you don’t see the results your next month is free

    This won’t be for everyone however. Not everyone will be able to do what will be required for me to guarantee results. The ones that can will easily drop the one pant size.

    Start with a 30 day $30 offer

    All new members can try my boot camp for an entire month for just $30. That gives them plenty of time to decide if the boot camp time and location is something they can do. If after that month they decide they want to join and would like to discuss the guarantee….we can certainly do so.

    What will be required?

    In order for me to guarantee results there will be requirements of anyone taking me up on this. They will obviously pertain to attendance and definitely require some nutrition accountability. This is a non-diet fitness program, meaning you will not be forced to follow any meal plan or be restricted to any diets or supplements.

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