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    Why Some People See Better Results Than Others at Boot Camp

    Why Some People See Better Results Than Others at Boot Camp

    If everyone in my boot camp is performing the same workout, there must be a reason why some people see better results than others. It really boils down to two things when it comes to getting results: nutrition and effort.

    Good nutrition habits don’t happen overnight

    It may take some people more than a month to realize that they’re really going to have to make a change with their nutrition. Some common mistakes are:

    I always recommend to my clients to log their meals, even if only for a week. This way we can see where the opportunities are.

    Building good nutrition habits doesn’t mean dieting. You want to nurture habits that you can sustain for years.

    You get out what you put in

    the person that always goes for the lightest weight probably won't make it

    Going for the smallest weight is a sign that someone is just “going through the motions”

    I often have to remind some clients during our session when I know they aren’t putting forth their best effort. Some people seem to think that just having a personal trainer or being member of a boot camp will get them results. It really comes down to how much effort you put into the session, actually attending sessions and forming better nutrition habits.

    After a couple of years of running a boot camp I can easily separate those who really want it from those who are just “going through the motions”. I can see it within a couple of weeks. I try to stay on these people because they will be the ones blaming me for not seeing results.

    How do I spot these clients? They are likely the ones who:

    • have poor attendance
    • arrive late for the few sessions that they do attend
    • always choose the lightest possible weights
    • always look for modified versions of exercise….before they’ve even tried it
    • like to remind me they’re paying me

    As their trainer, I’ll do my best to motivate them. They can’t just “want it” though, they have to be ready. There is a difference.

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