• 10 Reason Why You May Be Failing with Weight Loss

    10 Reason Why You May Be Failing with Weight Loss

    If it were easy, no one would be overweight and people who were would be able to drop the weight with no problem. Many try and few succeed. Here are 10 reasons why you may be failing with weight loss.

    1. Too Much Emphasis on a Number

    The number on the scale, that is. With proper strength training you may not see this number decrease as much as you’d like. Remember, muscle is more dense than fat. So as you build muscle, you may slim down without losing weight. That’s typically what I see with my clients.

    September marks the start of the fitness new year

    You don’t want to experience this

    2. You Don’t Exercise

    Do I even need to explain? I will anyways. I’m not one to consider walking on the treadmill exercise. Sure, you may burn a few calories, but what does that do for those flabby arms or tummy that you have to see when you look in the mirror? Real exercise should involve strength training where you’re working muscles to exhaustion. This will have you burning more calories throughout the day.

    There are 3 components to achieving your fitness goal

    There are 3 components to achieving your fitness goal

    3. You Exercise Too Much

    Sometimes I have to emphasize, to my boot campers who come everyday, the importance of recovery. Recovery allows the muscles the body to heal to be able to perform at maximum capacity. It is important to take days off. Depending on the intensity of the exercise it may take 2-3 days to fully recover. You don’t want to “OVERTRAIN”.

    4. “Yo-Yo Dieting”

    You’re looking for a solution so you try one diet after another. When you find one that works you may stick to it for a while, but once you come off of it the weight comes back. Sometimes the weight comes back with more weight. Diets don’t do much as far as allowing you to create better habits. They will, however, having you craving foods that the diet doesn’t allow.

    5. You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

    Just as important as taking days off is getting enough sleep every night. It is during sleep that the body starts to rebuild torn muscle tissue and appetite suppressing hormones are released. Most people need 7 to 8 hours a night.

    6. You Don’t Exercise Correctly

    You spend hours in the gym every week, it’s been months, but you aren’t seeing results. This could be due to poor form and technique. This is important for efficiency and getting the most out of your efforts. This is also important for safety. Choosing weights that are too heavy are one of the biggest causes of poor form. Do yourself a favor and start light and work your way up.

    7. You Lack Consistency

    You worked out 3 days last week, 1 day this week and who knows next week. Life happens, but if you have a goal, you’ll find a way. Schedule your life around what really matters to make it easy for yourself. If your evenings are too hectic, consider a morning workout.

    You can't complain to your trainer unless you're doing your part

    You can’t complain to your trainer unless you’re doing your part

    8. You’re Not Tracking Results

    Results are not easily seen in most cases. You probably won’t notice an inch lost from your waistline or hips. You probably won’t know that your resting heart rate has improved and that your heart is not working as hard as it was before to do the same daily activities. Lastly, you probably won’t know that your body fat percentage is improving. Start tracking these metrics.

    9. Your Expectations are Unrealistic

    Trying to lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks is a bit unrealistic. In fact, I would say that putting a number on weight loss is unrealistic. Why? What most people see as a need to lose weight may just be a need to rebuild lost muscle. If you don’t know that you may feel as though you’ve failed if you can’t reach the number you have in mind. See reason number one.

    10. You Still Eat CRAP

    I remember a client who had been in my boot camp for 2 months before coming to the realization that the fried foods had to go. While you will put in many hours doing something you don’t even like to, exercising, sweating, dealing with soreness, most of your efforts should placed on your nutrition. No amount of exercise can overcome bad nutrition habits.

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