• Single Mom Eating Healthy on a Limited Budget

    Single Mom Eating Healthy on a Limited Budget

    Single Mom Eating Healthy on a Limited Budget

    At the start of our fat loss challenges you never know who’s going to win. A lot can happen in 6-weeks. The person leading after the first 2 weeks may not be the person who wins, and my not even finish. A single mom who managed to maintain good eating habits on a limited budget came out on top of the last challenge.


    Tamela won our last fat loss challenge

    Tamela won our last fat loss challenge

    Tamela explains how she did it!

    The past couple of months I have experienced some financial set backs and due to this I had to re-evaluate my spending including my grocery bill. My health is very important to me and since January I have been focused on a healthier way of living but that also meant my grocery bill increased.

    I would go out and buy organic, seafood, skinless and bones chicken and tons of fresh fruit and vegetables and we all know that is more expensive than buying that cheeseburger and fries off the dollar menu, but actually that dollar menu was costing me my health. So the struggle got real with a Whole Foods mindset and an Aldis budget.

    Meal planning was the main thing that helped me, before I went to the grocery store I planned my meals for the week, made a list and checked off the ingredients that I already had at home to avoid spending extra on duplicates.  When at the grocery store I compared prices, bought the fruits and vegetables that were in season and also purchased some generic foods (Walmart brown rice taste the same as Uncle Ben’s).

    Oh I also ate before I went to the grocery store and didn’t take my kids with me, cause I tend to get off track and spend more money with them. When preparing my meals I used very little salt if any at all and all meat was baked or grilled. For seafood I ate more tuna in water, most of my fruits were canned but they were in their own juice, vegetables were frozen or canned with no sodium added and I ate more beans for a less expensive protein.

    Portion control has always been an issue for me when it came to weight control so I had to focus a lot on that and half my plate was vegetables and the other half I divided between my protein and my grain plus I eat very little potatoes, pastas and breads.

    This worked for me and during this hardship I continued to see weight loss results by focusing on my nutrition and of course physical activity which includes running and strength training at bootcamp.

    Congratulations Tamela! Keep it up and see you at the next challenge.

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