• Don’t “F” Up Your Fitness Journey

    Don’t “F” Up Your Fitness Journey

    Kudos to you for sticking with your routine. Whether you’re getting up early or doing it after work, consistency is an important part of getting in shape and maintaining it. Don’t “F” up your fitness journey with these.

    Fried Foods

    This should be a given. The oil and flour used to fry foods do absolutely nothing for your health. Whatever it is you’re frying can probably be cooked another way. Baked, sheared or grilled are all better options.

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    Fast Food

    BUF Boot Camp Don't "F" UP

    Fast and cheap doesn’t make it right

    Delicious, convenient and often cheap….doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Processed meats and fried side items are loaded with excess carbs and sodium. Take your time and prepare your own food.

    Frozen Food

    BUF Boot Camp Don't "F" UP

    So much sodium!

    More specifically, microwave dinners and breakfasts. They have a whole isle at the grocery store. They’re convenient, you can take them anywhere and they take just minutes to cook in the microwave or oven, so why not? The sodium in just one of these meals can have you holding on to an extra pound of unnecessary weight. If you’re consuming several per week imagine the difference in your weight and waistline when you cut them out altogether.

    Drinks that Fizzle

    BUF Boot Camp Don't "F" UP

    Don’t drink your calories

    Sodas and beer. You can lump pretty much any beverage that’s not water in this category…including wine and liquor. Of course you’re going to want something other than water sometimes, so go with drinks that have as little added sugar as possible. Reduce the amount of sugar you put in your coffee and go with unsweetened tea. The mistake a lot of people make is drinking their calories.

    It’s hard to not “F” up

    Remember, you don’t have to make all these changes overnight. Slowly, but surely though, you’ll want to change those bad habits. Your fitness and health depends on it.

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