• 10 Tips for Staying Consistent With Your New Year’s Resolution

    10 Tips for Staying Consistent With Your New Year’s Resolution

    10 Tips for Staying Consistent With Your New Year’s Resolution

    10 Tips to a Fit and Healthy Year

    If the start of a new year is your first step toward getting fit and healthy, then go for it! You have to start somewhere, right?
    Starting, however, is not the hard part. The hard part is staying consistent. Many will try, but only a few will succeed at just staying consistent.

    Here are 10 tips that will help you stay consistent with your New Year’s Resolution


    Understand what you’re doing. Cool, you want to lose weight. Well, how much weight loss do you want to see? Are you really looking to lose weight or is there a look that you’re trying to achieve?

    Understand why you’re doing this. Who are you doing this for? Are you doing this just because it’s a new year? What’s going to change in  your life once you start to see results? Are you doing this for health reasons? Be specific with this and you will be able to set more achievable goals and stay motivated.

    September marks the start of the fitness new year

    You don’t want to experience this

    Measure your results. The scale may not be the best tool to measure your progress. How about your body fat percentage or your waistline measurement?


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    Who’s holding you accountable? I recommend sharing your goals with members of your social circle (chances are your immediate family won’t be enough). Post before and after pics. Post videos of your workouts. The comments, likes and shares will keep you motivated.

    The treadmill is not your friend. Even if you have to hire a trainer, take the time to learn a few basic strength building movements. The treadmill will do very little to help you build muscle…especially in your upper body.

    Home workouts count too. Maybe going to the gym isn’t for you. It can be daunting at first to a lot of people…especially if you aren’t familiar with anyone or the equipment. Home workouts will help you get results too.

    It’s all or nothing. Meaning you can’t decide you’re going to start working out if you’re not changing your nutrition habits. Skipping meals, failure to prep or continuing to drink those sodas and sweet teas everyday will hinder your progress. Try water!

    Put a plan together in September

    I hope this isn’t you come December

    Step up the intensity. Perhaps the reason you didn’t see results last year (at least enough to keep you motivated) is because your workouts weren’t intense enough. You don’t have to start out intense, but you shouldn’t be afraid of a little soreness the day after. That just means it’s working.


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    Don’t overdo it. Too much exercise can yield poor results. Poor results will kill your motivation. Plan to take days off to allow your body to recover between those intense workouts. Use that time to prep your meals.

    Forget about last year. This is a new year. This is the year you will take your fitness to another level, stay consistent, get great results and inspire others. You can do it!

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