• Using Social Media for Weight Loss Motivation

    Using Social Media for Weight Loss Motivation

    Anyone can post to social media…whether it be fact or fiction. Many people turn to social media for support, recommendations or motivation. When using social media for weight loss motivation you must beware of what you choose to believe. While you can’t believe everything you see on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram there are a few effective ways to use social media for fitness motivation.

    It’s not just social media. Beware of those early morning infomercials that advertise product whether it be a DVD or a supplement. They may guarantee certain results, but they don’t really have to own up to the claim.

    The hit TV show “The Biggest Loser” can also mislead people into thinking that weight loss goals can be achieved in short time spans.  Contestants with no full-time jobs and a team of doctors and fitness professionals pushing them all day achieve massive weight loss results. Keep in mind they’re doing this without the normal daily stress of work and family life.


    Don’t trust every “before and after” picture you see. For a few reasons:

    • you don’t know what supplements, if any, were taken to achieve results
    • you don’t know of any special procedures were undergone to achieve results
    • the time lapse may not be accurate. For example, it may say that the results took 60 days to achieve when in actuality it may have taken 6 months.


    All Smiles After Boot Camp

    post post-workout selfies

    It’s always good to draw motivation from someone that you’re following on social media, but it’s even better when you are the one driving the motivation. In the beginning, or at least until you can draw the inspiration from within, it may be necessary to draw the motivation from others in your circle. This means:

    • informing your social circle of your goals and how you intend to reach them
    • post videos of parts of your workouts
    • post selfies from before, during, or after your workout
    • post pics of progressions regularly
    • post changes to your diet 

    Likes, comments, shares and retweets can do a lot for your spirits as you try to achieve your desired goals.

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