• How to Build a Better Salad

    How to Build a Better Salad

    Salads are supposed to be a low-calorie option to other foods. If not done right, however, they can impede your progress if you’re working towards weight loss. Learn how to build a better salad that will still fill you up but not pack so many bad calories such as fat and added sugar.


    1. Instead of lettuce go with spinach. The both contain Vitamins K, A and C, Iron and Calcium, but the same amount of spinach will pack up to 10 times more of these nutrients.
    2. Instead of creamy or non-fat dressings, go with a vinaigrette. Non-fat usually means added sugar and creamier dressings pack more saturated fat.
    3. Instead of blue cheese, go with egg yolk. Similar in texture, but you’ll take in a fraction of the saturated fat with egg yolk. Don’t worry about the cholesterol. Egg yolk will raise your “good” cholesterol.
    4. Instead of dried cranberries, go with beets. Dried cranberries, or any dried fruit, will contain a lot of added sugar. Beets, on the other hand, do not.
    5. Instead of croutons, go with sliced almonds. Croutons is simply toasted bread. And we all know what bread does to you. It’s just carbs. Almonds will pack a little more protein and good fats while still providing that crunch that you desire.

    I’m not big on salads simply because I think there are better, more nutritious options. Typically salads won’t give you the protein you need to help you reach your daily recommended amount. If you must do salads, do them the right way.

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