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    6 Ways You Can Tell You’ve Found the Right Boot Camp

    If you live in a large city you may have plenty of options at your disposal for fitness training. How do you know you’ve found the right boot camp? Here are 6 Ways You Can Tell You’ve Found the Right Boot Camp.

    The Trainer is Personable

    Most people in the fitness industry would agree that the trainer is the “business”. Meaning, most people will stick with a program because of the trainer. There are plenty of other places to go to get workouts and, depending on the size of the city, there can be hundreds of other trainers. Most people prefer the trainer be engaging, to everyone, know their names and know what their biggest obstacles are.

    Workouts Can Be Modified

    People of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels try boot camps. They’re more likely to stick with them if the workouts can be modified for them. If workouts are too challenging, and they don’t get a sense of accomplishment, customers are less likely to stick with it. On the flip-side, if workouts are too easy, customers are less likely to stick with it. It’s up to the trainer to know the audience and make sure everyone is being properly challenged without risking injury.


    The Trainer Focuses on Form and Technique

    The last thing anyone, the trainer or client, wants is for someone to get hurt. Therefore, it is important for the trainer to be able to access the clients ability to do an exercises, regardless of how many people are present in the workout. Along with that, having good form will help clients get the full benefit of the workout.

    You Relate to Other Members

    If you walk into a boot camp and see bodybuilders, and you know you’re nowhere close to being a bodybuilder, you’re going to immediately feel out of place. Likewise, if you’re a person with an average build and walk in and see everyone is overweight, you’re going to feel out of place.  Regardless of your body type or fitness level you probably want to be around people who are similar to you. That goes for attitude as well. Motivated people don’t want to be around lazy people.

    Your Progress is Being Tracked

    What a lot of group fitness programs lack is the willingness to help members track their progress. Seeing changes in weight, body fat, and girth measurements are important to most people to who pay for boot camps. Having access to a detailed, individual profile is a difference maker and huge selling point. Without knowledge of progress with body fat, people are likely to depend solely on the scale to track their progress. By now, most people know that the scale doesn’t tell the whole story.

    BUF Boot Camp body fat testing

    Comfortable Facility

    Cement floors and a tight space are definite turnoffs. A lot of people have some sore of ailment they’re dealing and cement or wood floors don’t help. For ab exercises and some high impact exercises, you’ll want a softer floor. On top of that, not having space to actually be able to perform the exercises makes a big difference also.


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