• 12 Keys to Keeping the Weight Off After Losing It

    Ask anyone who has every gained an unwanted amount of weight and lost it, "What's harder, losing it or keeping it off?" Most if them will probably tell you that keeping the weight off after losing it is the toughest part. Losing too much weight too quickly or taking an unreasonable, unsustainable approach is are sure ways to have you struggling to keep weight off.

    Try These 12 Keys to Keeping the Weight Off After Losing It

    1. build muscle - Muscle is what's going to give you the curves you want. It looks much better than fat. It also takes much longer to break down, and while you have it, it's going to keep those calories burning. However, if you don't use it (or maintain it) you will lose it!
    2. avoid too much cardio - You're not building any muscle running on the treadmill or whatever it is you do on the elliptical. Go and pick up some weights and chase that burn. Don't be afraid of the soreness the day after. It will do away and won't be as bad the next time around. Plus, cardio gets boring.
      there is a safe option that will yield better results than the elliptical

      That treadmill will not only get boring, but it's not as effective as resistance training.

    3. avoid crash diets - How long do you think you can stay away from the foods you love? You can still eat what you love...just eat the foods you need FIRST! Fill up on the veggies and protein and have a piece of cake (if you must) afterwards.
      want to lose weight versus ready to lose weight

      The hardest part is giving up the foods you love

    4. keep reasonable workout schedule - 3 to 4 days a week of exercise is much easier to sustain than 6 to 7. This way, you don't feel like a loser if you have to go out of town for the weekend. Enjoy that time with family.
    5. change things up - There is more than one way to skin a goat (or cat). Change up the workout every few weeks. Instead of a barbell, use dumbbells. Instead of supersets do compound sets. Change up the rest intervals.
    6. stop making excuses - When you do start to see results it's easy to start slacking off. Remember, everything gained can be lost. Keep up the good work!

      Stop making excuses

    7. fight "shiny object syndrome" - Your timeline gets flooded with the latest cleanse or quick fix. So instead of sticking with what you have, to see if it works, you switch to this new thing...and withing weeks you're on to something else. Give the original plan a chance.
    8. use social media for sharing - Share your results and stories with others. Motivate and inspire them. Be mindful of what you take from social media. You can't believe everything you see. Not everyone you see on Instagram achieved those results the right way...and in the time they claim.
      Using Social Media for Weight Loss Motivation

      You can't believe everything you see on social media

    9. take breaks - It's okay to take a week off here and there. You're not going to completely waste away. Plus, your body needs a chance at a full recovery every couple of months.
    10. stay away from the scale - Just try to get in the jeans you wanted...and stay in them! It doesn't matter what the scale says if you're wearing your favorite jeans.
      September marks the start of the fitness new year

      You don't want to experience this

    11. form a clique - Keep of group of friends/coworkers that are like-minded to stay motivated. You may not workout together, but you can share eating and exercise habits, wins and shortcomings.
    12. join the BUF Boot Camp- a great way to put all of this in place is to us out with our 14 Days for $14 offer. Our classes offer the best strength training and conditioning workouts to help you build muscle and burn fat. You'll learn the best things to eat and meet others who are trying to do great things for themselves 


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