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    10 Cool Changes You Go Through When Fitness Becomes a Priority

    Every wondered what life would be like if you became consistent with your workouts? Here are 10 cool changes you go through when fitness becomes a priority.

    • You’re more comfortable in workout clothes. Every time you go somewhere: out for lunch, shopping, or anything, you’re wearing something that came from a sporting goods store. You don’t mind spending money here because you know that you’re going to get your money’s worth.
    • You look forward to meal prep. You know the benefits of having healthy meals ready for the work week. You don’t have time to cook everyday, nor do you even want to. These 2 hours of meal prep are worth the sacrifice.
    • Your new friends are fitness-minded. You probably met them at the gym or fitness Meetup. You have similar interests outside of the workouts.
    • You are less afraid of mirrors. You may not have been afraid of mirrors before, but now, with the gains and progress you’ve been making, you can’t help but stop and look at yourself. You deserve it.
    • You perform a squat when standing up from the couch. Standing up and sitting down means more to you now. If you’re not sore from leg day you want to perform a perfect squat each time. Maybe next time with one leg.
    • You read nutrition facts. You care about what you’re buying for your meal prep, or snacks. You don’t mind blocking the isles at the grocery store to read the labels.
    • You know your body fat percentage. The 3rd most important number to you, behind your social security number and credit score is your body fat percentage. You don’t care about your weight as long as you look good.
    • You’re used to being sore. This is the price you pay for the gains. Every other day it’s something else, but you don’t mind.
    • You look forward to your next workout. Nothing’s going to stop you or keep you from your next workout. You already have a plans as to what you’re going to do.
    • You inspire others. Your friends, family and coworkers have noticed and you’ve inspired them. You’re their hero.


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