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    The Addition of Rowers at BUF Boot Camp

    Rowers don’t fall into the “machines” category. Or do they? The addition of rowers at BUF Boot Camp have changed the way we train-on a daily basis. They’ve certainly changed the way I program the workouts.

    I’ve always prided myself on not having to using machines, such as treadmills or the elliptical, to help my clients get great cardio in their workouts. For one, those machines are expensive and take up too much space. Not to mention, they may require servicing at some point.

    Starting with the warm up

    Before class starts, members now have the option of performing a 400 meter row or a 300 meter run. This gives them the option to switch things up or take some pressure off of their knees, if necessary. Most people still prefer to run though.

    Programming Workouts

    For intense cardio we can now add rowing to the list of running, jumping rope, suicides and high knees – whether it’s a timed workout, Tabata or regular circuit.

    What muscles are you working?

    Upper body and lower body. The rowing movement requires you to use your legs to push off, your arms and back to pull, and your core for leverage. So it’s safe to say that rowing is a full body workout. Add to that, the cardio.

    Long distance rowing (1000 meters or so) will leave your legs burning when stepping off of the rower. That’s good though, right?





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