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    The BUF Boot Camp App Does It All

    The BUF Boot Camp App does it all:

    • It offers a mode of communication between members and trainers.
    • It allows both members and trainers access to member progress
      • weight
      • body fat
      • measurements
      • progress pics
    • It connects with MyFitnessPal. With that we can:
      • monitor member caloric intake
      • monitor their macros (carbs, fat and protein)

    The app is a great way to keep members consistent and hold them accountable. Members are encouraged to weigh-in at least every other week. During that time the trainers can get an idea of what each member is actually doing.

    • Are they staying on top of their nutrition?
    • Do they even care enough to weigh-in?
    • Are they tracking their own progress?

    All important questions when trying to help someone achieve fat loss results.


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