• Targeted Fat Loss or Spot Reduction: Is It Possible?

    Is targeted fat loss, or sometimes referred to as spot reduction, possible?

    As a gym owner/trainer, I get this question a lot.

    Clients will often have parts of their body that they don’t like and want to “lose weight in”.

    They refer to areas such as “back fat”, “bat wings” or the areas in their arms, or my favorite, the FUPA (fat upper P-word area).

    They will ask for exercises that target these specific areas and I have to constantly explain to them the importance of full-body workouts to burn lots of calories and a clean diet.

    Reduce Your Body Fat Percentage

    If really want to “lose weight” in these areas, your goal should be to reduce your body fat percentage. You won’t be able to control where you lose it from, but you’ll definitely see a difference.

    If you’re not at a certain body fat percentage, you won’t see the results of any type of weight training that targets specific parts.

    For a woman, you’ll need to be under 30%. For a male, you need to be in the mid-teens.

    Create a Caloric Deficit

    Which simply mean, you should be burning more calories than you take in…everyday. Use a fitness app if necessary, to track your caloric intake and guage how many calories you’re burning.

    Combine that with some strength training 3 to 5 days a week to help you build lean muscle and increase your metabolism.





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