BUF Boot Camp Careers

We want you!

  • Continue doing what you love to do 

Have a place to train your clients  

Make your own schedule 

  • Continue building your brand 
  1. Train the clients YOU want to train 
  1. Develop your PT and group training skills 

If you worked for a big-box gym you wouldn’t get paid what you deserve as a dedicated fitness professional. The gym is going to take more than half of the money that your clients pay. With BUF Boot Camp, YOU will make most of the money from your training, and have the opportunity to make more money with group training and selling gym memberships. 

Here’s how it works: 



  • Having a social media account to attract clients is good, but most potential clients want to see more than pictures and videos. 

Have a custom webpage built – this can feature pics, videos, call-to-action buttons, a lead magnet (to collect email addresses), and anything else you want featured 

BUF Boot Camp’s social platform – every gym advertisement is an advertisement for you as well. Facebook ads are run weekly. 

  • Videos created with your phone aren’t as good as they need to be to attract the right clients. Plus, you need someone to edit the videos. 

Get unlimited promo videos – these videos can be shared across each of your social media platforms 


  • You don’t have time to sit down and email potential clients 

Automated email marketing – while you have the email address of any of your leads, more leads will come to you via the gym’s email marketing system. 




  • No trainer wants to work with any clients that they don’t want to work with. 

Train clients in your niche – you’ll never be the best at what you do if you’re not being challenged. If you prefer to train athletes, train athletes. If you specialize in fat loss, you should train clients who have fat loss goals.  

  • Learning from other trainers will make you a better fitness professional 

Trainer develop meetings – weekly or biweekly meetings with the rest of the crew will not only help foster stronger relationships within the gym, but it will give you opportunity to learn new training techniques and sales tactics. 


  • Personal training 

You get 70% of what clients pay while BUF Boot Camp gets just 30%. You take only 60% if you’re insured by BUF Boot Camp. All client payments are made to the gym first.  

No rent costs 

  • Gym membership sales 

Gym members have access to any class on any day. Sell them on a membership and get 20% of what they pay monthly. For example, if you sell member on a 12-month contract for $99, you’ll get 20% of that $99 every month. 

Why sell gym memberships? Most people aren’t willing to pay for personal training.  

  • Group Training 

Run up to two classes per week (maybe more). Your workouts, your way. Earn $1 (.50 cents if insured by BUF Boot Camp) per person in the class. The better you are at promoting the class, the more money you make. Attendance will be tracked via BUF Boot Camp’s check-in system. 

Sell additional gym memberships through your classes. 

The opportunity to run classes will depend on your experience 


$500 bonus for selling 10 gym memberships. 


Start the Process Here!

Start the Process Here!

please paste a link to your website or any social media
In order to maximize your income, you will need to be able to sell gym memberships for classes and personal training
Your income will depend on your availability.


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