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    Do THIS Instead of THIS Ep. 2

    The tricep dip is simple and get those triceps burning, but that may not be enough for you if you have a fat loss goal. Try the dumbbell press exercise instead or in addition to the tricep curl. You’ll work more muscles, including those triiceps. More muscles worked means more calories burned- during and well

  • Can You Slim Down and Build a Butt At the Same Time?

    If you’re looking to change the composition of your body your goals must be defined. Not only that, but you have to be consistent with your nutrition Slimming down and building muscle are two different fitness goals that require different nutrition objectives. Slimming Down Your goal is to create a calorie deficit. The best way

  • Memorial Day Home Workout

    These circuits include exercises for both, your upper and lower body, as well your core. All you need is a simple timer, which you should have on your smartphone. Set the timer for 30 sec and give yourself time to rest after each exercise. Complete 3 rounds of each circuit. Circuit #1(complete 3 rounds)  

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