Training Beginners to Perform a Proper Deadlift

This exercise works the legs, butt, back, core, arms and more.

There’s much more to this exercise than picking up a barbell loaded with weight and setting it back down. If done with poor form, you could really hurt yourself.

I’m training a group of beginners to perform this full body exercise the right way to help them improve their strength, build muscle and burn fat.

If results matter to you, join the next 6-week fat loss challenge. Beginners are welcome.

The next challenge begins March 6th and early-bird pricing of $89 is available up until March 1st.

Pre-register for the March Madness Transformation NOW!

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Desired Session
 5:30 am 6:45 am 8:30 am


Sessions are held Monday through Friday. Come as much as you want!

The location is Zenith Gymnastics 8607 Monroe Rd.

Early-bird pricing is available until March 1st. After March 1st the cost to join the challenge is $119.

Call 980-272-1131 for more info

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